My Favorite Bible Study Tools

My Identity in Christ

10 Simple Habits for Health + Happiness

The #1 Habit that could Change your Life

3 Ways to a Happier, Healthier Marriage

Is Happiness Biblical?

The Gratitude Cure

Replacing the Likes of the World with the Love of Christ

Stop the Drama and Learn how to take an Intermission

How to have Face-to-Face Friendships in a Facebook World

Stop the Drama by Learning How to Take an Intermission

Around the Web this Week: Joy

3 ‘Gardening Tips’ for Cultivating Joy

A Lifestyle of Gratitude

A Biblical Formula

A Calm and Quiet Heart

How’s Your Heart Today? (includes Printable!)

Quiet Time/Prayer

10 Bible Reading Plans to Get You in the Word

10 Benefits of Memorizing Scripture

My Favorite Devotional Apps

How to Become a Warrior Woman

How to Create a Personal Prayer Notebook

Prayer Notebook Resources

How to Read the Scriptures

Jesus in All of Scripture


The War on Beauty

Our Great God

God’s Promises in Your Pain

His Consolations

God is for Me!

The Anchor of our Soul

Living With Passion and Purpose

How to Have your Best Year Ever

Why You Should Have a Morning Routine

Why You Should Have an Evening Routine

4 Lessons I Learned from the Rio Olympics

How to Choose a Life Verse

The 5 Accessories You Should be Wearing Everyday

How to Have a Healthy & Happy 2016 (Pt. 1)

How to Have a Healthy & Happy 2016 (Pt. 2)

How to Have a Healthy & Happy 2016 (Pt. 3)

How to Have a Healthy & Happy 2016 (Pt. 4)

How to Live with Passion and Purpose in 2015

Who am I?

3 Ways to Savor the Sabbath

Back to School Busyness


Hope for the Hurting over the Holidays

The Indescribable Gift

An Abundant Christmas Pt. 1

An Abundant Christmas Pt. 2

An Abundant Christmas Pt. 3

An Abundant Christmas Pt. 4


Resources for Reflection on Good Friday and Easter

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  1. Can you share the list of the attributes of God and their accompanying scriptures (as seen in the post about creating a prayer notebook) or a link to them? I’ve been looking online and can only find the “omni” qualities or can find lists but no scriptures. Thanks!

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