My Favorite Bible Study Tools

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Spending time with the Lord each morning is the most important part of my day. It cultivates my relationship with my Savior, helps me grow spiritually, and sets the tone for the entire day. It is THE most important habit I could practice, and it is nothing short of life-changing.

Below are some of my favorite tools that I use during my quiet times to help aid me in my study of God’s Word. I hope you find some ideas that might be helpful for you too! πŸ₯°

My Everyday Bible

I love the wide margins and cross references in this Bible. I’m a note taker, so this allows me plenty of room to highlight, make notes in the margins, and include insights that the Holy Spirit gives me during my quiet times. The adorable pink cover is from this Etsy Shop! This is my everyday Bible.

I also love the ESV Inductive Study Bible. It’s another great one if you love doing your own studies and diving deep into God’s Word! A friend had it recovered for me from this Shop.

Crossway’s ESV App

This is one of my favorite apps! This has all the different study Bibles with accompanying notes that ESV makes (including my two favorites: the ESV Study Bible & The Gospel Transformation Study Bible), all in one app! It also includes a number of devotional plans as well as the option to listen to the Bible being read by various narrators you can choose from. Highly recommend!

David Guzik Commentaries

Pastor David Guzik has written commentaries for every book of the Bible, which you can access for free at his website Enduring Word. This is a wonderful resource whether you are new to studying the Bible or have been doing it for years! And being free, it’s a tremendous ministry! (They are also available in hard copy versions)

Insight for Living charts

I love Pastor Chuck Swindoll’s overview charts of every book of the Bible. This is so helpful to get a bird’s eye view of a book before I begin a study and learn the main themes. It really helps me keep the big picture in mind as I’m making my way through a book. And I especially love how he has a “Christ in (fill in the book of the Bible)” section, so you can pay special attention to finding the Savior in every book of the Bible! See example below for the Gospel of John πŸ‘‡πŸ»

Warren Wiersbe’s With the Word

This chunky little book is a wonderful resource for your Bible Study! It provides a book-by-book, chapter-by-chapter summary of the Bible. Part commentary, part devotional, the brief summaries of each chapter really help you meditate on and squeeze more out of the passage. Great for daily devotions as you work through a book of the Bible!

Scripture Confessions Collection

This is such a wonderful little book! The authors take Scripture and create personalized declarations of faith from a variety of topics. I have found this SO helpful when it comes to renewing my mind and retraining it to think Biblically. I love to end my quiet times with this little gem!

Prayer Portions

This is one of my favorite devotional resources! It is a treasure trove of prayer prompts, Scriptures, and lists that will revolutionize your prayer times! It includes sections entitled Praise, Repentance, Warfare, Personal, Intercession, and Amen. I highly recommend this book for your personal library. You will refer to it again and again!

Webster’s 1828 Dictionary

Though not specifically a Bible dictionary, Noah Webster (an American lexicographer and textbook pioneer from the early 1800s) used Scripture whenever he could to define a word and/or give examples of its use. It’s my favorite source to look up words in the Bible as his definitions are like mini devotionals. Check out the sample of their word of the day πŸ‘‡πŸ» Love!

Bible Hub

If you want a one stop shop for all the different translations of a specific verse of the Bible, Bible Hub is a great resource. It also includes the Greek and Hebrew translations, which is particularly helpful if you are doing a word study or want to know what the verse says in the original language. Very helpful!

Got Questions

This is a great website if you have questions on more difficult passages of the Bible or you just want to learn more. This is a solid resource with balanced and trustworthy answers on a variety of Bible topics.

Open Bible

This is a great database for looking up verses by topic. It also has an extensive cross reference database, which is particularly helpful if your Bible does not have a cross reference.

Pastel highlighters

I love these erasable pastel highlighters! They are my absolute favorite highlighters to use! The colors are beautiful, and they don’t bleed through the thin pages of my Bible. The best πŸ‘πŸ»

DIVERSEBEE Bible Highlighters

These are like super smooth crayons and are another great option for highlighting the Bible. I love the pastel colors in this set and the way they glide across the page without smearing or smudging!

Baby Mikey Pens

I am so particular about the pens I use, and the ones I use for my Bible are no exception! I love how thin these are (.38mm) – they are perfect for writing in the margins of my Bible. They also don’t bleed or smear, and they dry very quickly!

Multicolor Ballpoint Pen

These are great if you love having the options of blue, black, red, and green ink all in one pen. I love that these are .5mm, they don’t bleed, and they write super smooth. I also love the pastel colors of the outside of the pen.

Prayer Notebook

Y’all know how much I love using my Prayer Notebook! I switched from using the Avery mini binder that I had for years to this one from Russell & Hazel (I love the color! It looks like pink is no longer available but they do have white and sage). That’s the great thing about using a notebook – it’s super easy to change things up and simply move the contents from one notebook to another.

What are your favorite devotional resources? I’d love to hear!

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