New Year New You Series

New Year New You Series

New Year New You

There is nothing like the start of a new year.

I love to dream and plan and make new goals so that I can live with passion and purpose.

But as I’ve learned over the years, I’m only as successful as the habits I practice.  I am what I habitually do.  So, I’ve really made a point of trying to establish healthy habits.

I’ve talked a lot about habits before on the blog – check out this post and this post.  

It can feel overwhelming to incorporate a long list of healthy habits.  To simplify this series, I wanted to share with you 5 of my favorite habits – simple actions I try to do every day for a healthier life.  We’ll cover each one in more detail, so make sure to check your inbox over the next several weeks!  

For now, here’s a preview of 5 healthy habits to incorporate into your daily routine this year for a “new you”:

  1. Drink one green drink (smoothie, juice, or powdered green drink).
  2. Exercise for at least 20 minutes.
  3. Create a Supplement Routine.
  4. Create an Essential Oil Routine.
  5. Choose one self-care/stress-relieving thing you enjoy doing from your Joy List.

Doesn’t sound too crazy, right?!  In fact, if I totaled up the amount of time these habits take me on a daily basis, it would be about 30 minutes (with the exception of #5).  It doesn’t have to take up a lot of your time to create healthy habits that will help you:

  • Lose weight
  • Gain more energy
  • Greatly decrease stress
  • Get glowing skin
  • Become a happier YOU

A little investment in your health can go a long way!

To help you on this journey over the next several weeks, I’ve created this printable Ebook called Essentially Healthy & Happy.  It’s free to all subscribers, so make sure to subscribe below and grab your copy as you’ll want to fill it out as we go along.  And tell a friend who you think might benefit from this as well.  It’s always more fun to get healthy with a friend!

Essentially Healthy & Happy
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