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As a Certified Holistic Health Coach, one of my favorites things is to help empower women to overcome health challenges through nutrition, fitness, customized supplementation, essential oils, and transformed thinking.  I have seen these tools work in my own life, and I know they can help you too!  I work with clients one-on-one, as well as teach workshops and in group settings.  See below for more information on the services I provide:

One-on-One Nutritional Counseling

We’ll take a thorough inventory of your health history and devise a Customized Wellness Plan that will help you deal with the root cause of your health issues, including:

  • Hormonal Imbalances
  • Weight Gain
  • Food Allergies/Sensitivities
  • Autoimmune Conditions
  • Low Energy
  • Sleep Problems
  • Skin Issues
  • Gut/Digestive Issues

Because nutrition and fitness are not one-size-fits-all, your wellness plan will be specific to you and your health needs.  Here is what is included in your Comprehensive Wellness Plan:

  • Complete Health History Booklet (A comprehensive questionnaire to help get to the root of your health issues)
  • Nutritional Plan (Tailored specifically for you and your needs)
  • Fitness Plan (Customized workouts to help you reach your fitness goals)
  • Customized Supplement Plan* (Personalized supplement protocol that shows you what to take, how much, and when) (*supplements not included)
  • Customized Essential Oil Protocol (This will show you what specific essential oils will help with your health condition, as well as how and when to use them)

When used in conjunction, I’ve seen the combination of these specific protocols have dramatic results and help create:

  • Weight Management
  • Healthy Hormones
  • Strengthened Immune System
  • Natural Cancer Support
  • Decreased Inflammation
  • Increased Energy
  • Glowing Skin
  • Healthy Gut

Cost: $100 Initial Meeting (In person, By phone, or Online)

$50 for each follow-up meeting (In person, By phone, or Online)


Group Settings, Churches, and Workshops

If you would for like me to come and speak to your group, I provide the following:

  • Talks on various health topics (Women’s health, children’s health, fitness, nutrition, etc.)
  • Cooking demos and Healthy Meal Planning (Only available in meeting spaces with kitchens)
  • Devotionals and Bible Studies for Church Groups (emphasis on spiritual health and happiness)
  • Essential Oil Classes

Prices vary depending on the size of the group and topic being taught.  Contact me for more info!

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