Why You Should Have a Morning Routine

Why You Should Have a Morning Routine

If you haven’t already, make sure to read my post, Why You Should Have an Evening Routine, before reading today’s post!  It will make more sense and make today’s post much more helpful.

You have a morning routine whether you realize it or not.  It’s those things you do day in, day out on a regular basis without thinking.  Think of it as your morning habits.  And ask yourself, “Do I enjoy my mornings?  Am I getting my day started off on the right foot?  Does my morning routine set me up for a healthy and happy day?”

If you answered ‘no’ to any of those questions, it’s time to rethink your morning routine and become intentional about how you are spending the first part of your day.  When you create a morning routine you love, it will help you look forward to getting up in the mornings, and it will have a positive effect on the rest of the day.  Check out just a few of the positive results that you could experience from having an intentional morning routine:

Convinced yet?  You might be wondering how to be more intentional about your mornings.  Here are 2 areas I make sure to focus on each morning:

1. A Happy Soul

One of my all-time favorite quotes is by 19th century evangelist, George Muller:

“The point is this: I saw more clearly than ever that the first great and primary business to which I ought to attend every day was, to have my soul happy in the Lord.  The first thing to be concerned about was not how much I might serve the Lord, how I might glorify the Lord; but how I might get my soul into a happy state, and how my inner man might be nourished.”

Nothing starts my day better than spending time with my Creator and Savior and having my “inner man nourished”.  After getting my coffee, I head to my reading nook in my office and:

  • Get my diffuser going with energizing citrus oils
  • Read God’s Word
  • Pray
  • Journal
  • Read from a devotional or other Christian book I’m working through

This gets my heart and mind in the right frame of mind to face the day ahead.  I can’t imagine starting my day any other way.

This takes me anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour (depending on how much time I have).  Regardless of how busy my day is, I make sure to set aside time first thing in the morning to be with the Lord.

Here are a few other ideas you could incorporate to get your soul happy first thing in the morning:

  • Memorize Scripture and/or write out Scripture affirmations to review daily
  • Listen to Worship Music
  • Listen to Sermons/Podcasts
  • Sing from a hymnal or worship songbook (you’ll probably want to do this quietly if you’re the only one awake 😉)

Make a list of what would give you a happy heart each morning, and create an intentional morning routine around that list.  I guarantee you will begin to see incredible changes in your life!

2. A Healthy Body

The next area I like to focus on first thing in the morning is nourishing my body.  There are numerous things that could fit on this list.  Here are a few of mine:

Again, think about how you want to feel health wise, and figure out what habits you need to incorporate into your morning routine. 

If you’re new to following a morning routine, I suggest writing out exactly what you want to do each morning to have a Happy Soul and Healthy Body.  You could even frame your morning routine and put it on your desk or in a prominent area so you see it each morning.  And if you want help making your new morning routine a habit that sticks, check out my 90-Day Habit Tracker!

How do you start your morning?  I’d love to hear what your routine includes!

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