New Year New You: Create an Oil Routine

New Year New You: Create an Oil Routine

New Year New You

We’re talking routines, rituals, and healthy habits to start off 2017 in our New Year New You Series.  In case you missed the first 3 habits in our series, you can check them out here:

Drink Green Drinks


Create a Supplement Routine

Today I want to talk to you about essential oils and share with you my daily oil routine.

You’ve probably noticed that you can find essential oils just about anywhere – from health food stores to electronic stores, they seem to be available everywhere!

But just because they are easily accessible, it doesn’t mean they are of the highest quality – or even good quality for that matter.  Because essential oils are extremely concentrated, quality is of utmost importance.  I did quite a bit of research on essential oils and different companies before I decided on a brand.  The more I researched and talked to top holistic healthcare professionals, the more one company kept turning up in my research and being recommended.  You can read about the company and why I chose them here.

I can’t tell you how thankful I am to have discovered essential oils.  Honestly, they have proven to be the missing puzzle piece in my holistic healthcare.  I had no idea how powerful these plant-based compounds were or how beneficial they were to emotional and physical health.

They have now become part of my daily health routine, and I can’t imagine going a day without using them!  Here’s a look at how I use them throughout a typical day (some days this may change depending on my health needs):

A.M. Routine

I love to get my diffuser going first thing in the morning.  I go into my office and turn it on, then I go make my cup of coffee and get breakfast. When I come back to my office to have my quiet time, the oils have already dispersed into the air, making it smell amazing.  I like to combine citrus oils with some of our oil blends, because they are energizing, and really help to get me going in the morning!  Here are some of my favorite oils and blends to use:

  • Wild Orange
  • Citrus Bliss
  • Cheer
  • Motivate
  • Lemon 
  • Grapefruit
  • Tangerine

Cheer and Motivate are two of my absolute favorite blends!  And they really do work – I feel happier, more motivated and energized when I diffuse these blends.  For a brief explanation of why essential oils are so beneficial for our emotions, check out this article.

Diffuser with favorite blends

After I get out of the shower, there are several oil blends I use.  First, I rub ClaryCalm directly over my ovaries and lower abdomen for hormonal support throughout the month.  This blend has dramatically decreased my PMS symptoms, particularly those monthly mood swings!  Cramps and tender breasts are also a thing of the past.  And it smells amazing!

Clary Calm & Whisper Blend for Women

Next, I rub an anti-aging blend called Immortelle in my armpits and on the bottoms of my feet.  This blend contains oils like Frankincense, Sandalwood, Myrrh, and Rose – all extremely supportive to cellular health.  By rubbing this blend in my armpits, these supportive oils can get directly into my lymphatic system.  I then follow-up with a non-toxic, aluminum-free deodorant.  Remember ladies, what you put in your armpits gets directly into your lymphatic system and affects your breast health.  So make sure you are not only using non-toxic deodorants, but that you support your lymphatic system, breasts, and overall cell health with these powerful oils!

Immortelle Anti-aging Blend

Then, I use our amazing blend called Whisper as a perfume for the day.  Most perfumes are full of toxic ingredients which have been linked to allergies, cancer, and hormonal imbalance – not something I want to spray all over my body every day!  Essential oils make for the perfect perfume, because you can create your own custom blends, and they boost your mood, calm your mind, and support hormonal and cellular health.  Whisper combines oils like Bergamot, Ylang Ylang, Vanilla Bean, Jasmine and Rose for a warm, musky aroma that uses an individual’s chemistry to create a uniquely personal fragrance.  I absolutely love the intoxicating smell of the this blend and knowing that I’m doing something good for my body by wearing it!

This morning routine really has made a difference in my energy levels and my emotional outlook for the day!

P.M. Routine

I continue diffusing throughout the day, but I may change up the oils in my diffuser based on how I’m feeling.  If I need a quick energy boost, inhaling Wild Orange and Peppermint (either in the diffuser or simply rubbing a drop of each in my hands and inhaling) is the perfect pick-me-up.

I like to diffuse energizing blends in the afternoon as well, particularly as I work on school with my boys.  If they are struggling to stay focused or stay on task, I’ll whip out a blend called In Tune, which contains oils that are perfect for helping them pay attention and stay focused.  I definitely recommend this blend to parents and teachers alike!

Bedtime is the perfect time to start winding down and prepare for deep sleep.  I love to use my Sleep Blend, which combines Lavender, Serenity, Cedarwood, and Vetiver.  Each of these oils is known to calm both the mind and the body and help you get into a deep sleep.  I rub this blend on the bottoms of my feet every night.  If I’m particularly wired or can’t seem to shut my mind off, I’ll take 2 Serenity soft gels, which have L-Theanine, Lavender, Lemon Balm, Passion Flower, and Chamomile.  It works like a charm, and I love that it does not contain melatonin, which can often cause headaches and require larger doses the longer it is taken.  You can also diffuse the oils in my Sleep Blend in your room at night, which helps to create a relaxing and calming atmosphere – great for kids rooms as well as adults to help quickly drift off to sleep.

Serenity Sleep Blend

Before I hit the hay, I cleanse my face and use a 4-step system call Verage, which includes a number of skin-nourishing, anti-aging oils.  I absolutely love this line and it has completely changed the health of my skin. I have tried other systems before and would usually end up not liking one of the products.  With the Verage Line, I love every single product and can’t wait to wash my face at night!  My skincare routine includes the gel cleanser, which smells refreshing and is very gentle, yet effective; toner with Ylang Ylang, Cypress and Palmarosa which helps to revive and balance the skin; serum with Frankincense, Sandalwood, Myrrh, and Rose, which will gently combat a multitude of skin issues and support glowing skin; and moisturizer that is so light yet moisturizing, with Jasmine, Geranium, and Juniper Berry – all renowned for promoting glowing skin!

Verage Skincare Line

I also use my Glowing Skin Serum (another reason I love having essential oils in the house – I can whip up my own customized beauty products that WORK!) that has Frankincense, Lavender, Melaleuca, and Geranium.  This is my new holy grail product that tightens pores, evens skin tone, and quickly reduces blemishes.  I love it and use it morning and night! 

Glowing Skin Serum


So, this is my basic oil routine each day.  If I’m under the weather or feel like I need additional support, I will add other immune supporting oils like our OnGuard blend, Oregano, DigestZen, and many others.  I also get essential oils into my body through my supplements, cleaning products, skincare and haircare products.  I love knowing that I’m supporting my body through products I use everyday.

Maybe you’re new to essential oils and have no idea where to begin.  I would love to answer your questions!  Essential oils can be safer, cheaper, more effective solutions for you and your family.  Having these oils at your fingertips and the knowledge of how to use them can empower you to take your healthcare into your own hands.  If you want help learning about essential oils and creating your own customized oil routine that can dramatically improve your physical and emotional health, contact me for a free consultation.  For me, it was one of the best decisions I ever made for my health!  If you want to get your own doTERRA account, check out my ordering page!


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