One Bowl Meal Ideas

I love to use white bowls as a blank canvas for creating delicious, nutritious, and colorful meals! I also love that the entire meal is in one dish (less clean-up!), and the variety of different meals you can make is endless.

You can use these ideas to create a day’s worth of healthy eating, or sneak in each dish throughout the week.

Here is just a sample of a healthy, delicious day of eating using one bowl!



Plain, full-fat, organic yogurt (preferably grass-fed because it’s super nutritious!) topped with sliced bananas, pomegranate seeds (love these little burst of juicy goodness 😻) and chia seeds (great crunch and loads of healthy fats).  This is a great breakfast, because you have a good balance of healthy fats, complex carbs, and protein.


I love eating a variety of veggies for lunch!  Sautéed shaved Brussels Sprouts (you can buy them this way or have them already prepped), Roasted Sweet Potatoes (peel, chop and roast in oven until soft and almost caramelized), mashed avocado, and almond flour crackers (I love this brand!) make a well-rounded lunch. Veggie lunches are so quick and easy, not to mention delicious and nutritious!


Hardboiled eggs with leftover Brussel Sprouts (these were unshaved, sliced in half and roasted 😋). You can make a big batch of hardboiled eggs ahead of time to have handy for quick and nutritious snacks or breakfasts 🙌


Turkey Burger (I’m currently perfecting a recipe that I’ll share soon – hint: these are incredibly moist and delicious!! 🤗) over chopped salad greens and organic green goddess dressing (you can make your own or look for healthy varieties at your grocery stores).

And voilà! You have an incredibly healthy and delicious day’s worth of eating, right in one bowl! Who else loves eating one dish meals? 🙋‍♀️ What are your favorites?

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