My Experience Going Plant-Based

As a nutritionist, one fact that comes up over and over again in my research is that plants are the healthiest foods on the planet!

When I look at the wide variety of plants that God has created and study the numerous health benefits of each one, it makes me want to eat as many plants as I can.

For the past few months, I’ve experimented going completely plant-based.

Here are just a few of the benefits I’ve experienced so far:

  • Better digestion
  • Deeper sleep
  • Happier moods
  • Less inflammation
  • Less aches and pains in my joints

These are just a few. I’m excited to see what other benefits will come (I’ll keep you posted).

It has also made me more creative in the kitchen! I’m having so much fun experimenting with new (to me) foods (hello, jackfruit!) and creating plant-based dishes the whole family loves.

BTW, I don’t like labels (for a variety of reasons), so you’ll notice I’m not using the term vegan. Mainly because there are still a number of amazing health foods that are not considered vegan (i.e. raw honey, collagen, and EPA/DHA from fish oil are prime examples). I’m also not saying I’ll never eat meat again (when I do, I try to get organic, grass-fed). This is why I try to focus on health rather than labels. And “plant-based” conveys the goal for me – eating more plants!

If you’re looking to get more plants into your diet, you’ll love my Resources for a Plant-Based Lifestyle! It’s got everything you need to get started.

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