Resources for a Plant-Based Lifestyle

I wanted to put together a resource page for living a plant-based lifestyle. Whether you want to completely avoid animal products or you’re just looking to add more plants to your daily diet, hopefully you’ll get some fun and easy ideas from the following resources.

These are some of my favorite articles, documentaries, websites and books on the power of plants. Make sure to check back often, as I’ll try to keep it updated with new resources I find! (Note*: This post contains affiliate links)




  • The Truth About Cancer – An incredible database for plant-based recipes and natural cancer remedies! Highly recommend!
  • Simple Green Smoothies – Green smoothies are one of the easiest ways to incorporate more plants into your diet and this blog is chock full of fabulous smoothie recipes (as well as other plant-based recipes)!
  • Healthy Girl Kitchen – This is one of my favorites! Every recipe I’ve made by Danielle is absolutely delicious (they could win over the most devoted meat-eater)!
  • Oh She Glows – This blog is full of delicious plant-based recipes for the whole fam (including holiday recipe ideas)!
  • That Vegan Babe – Many people are worried about getting enough protein on a plant-based diet (which is unnecessary, but that’s for another post 😁), so Stephanie creates delicious recipes chock full of plant-based protein.
  • No Meat Athlete – Don’t let the name fool you! This website is not just for athletes – it’s for anyone looking to simplify the plant-based lifestyle. They do a fantastic job of explaining the nutritional benefits of plant-based eating and how to create easy menus each week. Fabulous!

Protein Powders

These plant-based protein powders are HHW-Approved! They are clean, 3rd party tested, full of health-promoting plants, and taste delish!


While they’re no substitute for whole, fresh foods, sometimes it’s nice to have a nutritious plant-based bar that provides nourishment throughout the day. Below are some of my favorites that are HHW-Approved:


These cookbooks make eating plants creative, fun, and delicious! You will love how easy it really is to cook with plants (it’s also budget-friendly)! You’ll also learn about the power of plants to heal the body and even reverse many chronic diseases.

Easy Meal Ideas

Use the categories below to come up with an endless variety of healthy, plant-based recipes! Use the cookbooks above or try googling recipes in each category to create a list of favorites for each. Save them on your computer or print them out and keep them in a notebook for easy meal planning.

  • Smoothies (load it up with greens, fruits, veggies, nuts, seeds, spices, etc. for a serious nutritional punch!)
  • Bowls (choose healthy grains, greens, veggies, beans, etc. for an easy one-dish meal)
  • Wraps/Burritos (add grains, greens, veggies, legumes, etc. to plant-based wraps)
  • Salads (go crazy with as many greens, veggies, nuts, seeds, spices, etc. in one big bowl!)
  • Soups/Stews (add veggies, legumes, herbs, spices, etc. to veggie broth or nut or coconut milk base; so many different options!)
  • Snacks (from veggie platters to fruit, there are endless options for healthy, plant-based snacks)
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