My Prayer Notebook (Part 2)

prayer notebook

I recently tweaked my Prayer Notebook so I could show you the versatility of this wonderful devotional tool.  It is similar to the one I originally showed you, but here I go into a bit more detail on some of the sections to give you some more ideas of setting up your own notebook.  I made a few changes as well.

In this example, I used clear dividers and condensed a few of the sections to save space.  I added my Scripture collage page that I had in another part of my notebook to the front.  I thought it was too colorful to hide somewhere in the back.  I keep song sheets in the front left pocket for the adoration/worship time of my Quiet time.

prayer notebook 2

This example has four dividers.  They are:

  • Abiding

  • Prayer

  • Studies

  • Priorities & Goals

prayer notebook 3

This helps to simplify things, especially if space is an issue.  The longer I’ve been journaling, the more I look for ways to streamline and simplify my notebook.  

The first divider is the Abiding section (from John 15:5-8). 

In this section I keep anything having to do with my relationship with the Lord.  Because of that, it is the largest section of my notebook.  It includes:

  • Attributes of God with accompanying Scriptures – I write the specific attribute at the top of the page, and then I write out as many Scriptures as I can find on that specific attribute.  This is such a wonderful way to focus on how amazing our God is.
  • Areas of Growth with accompanying Scriptures – In a similar way, I write the specific area where I need to grow at the top of the page.  Then I write out as many Scriptures as I can about that specific area.
  • Journal – This is where I journal what is going on in my life, answers to prayer, lessons the Lord is teaching me, etc.


The second divider is my Prayer section. 

This has really simplified my prayer time, because all my prayer requests for the people and priorities in my life are in one section.  I write the name of the person or priority at the top, and then I make a list of specific requests and Scriptures for each.  They include:

  • Prayers for my life and walk with the Lord with accompanying Scriptures
  • Prayers for my husband and sons with a list of Scriptures
  • Prayers for our church with Scriptures
  • Prayers for extended family, friends, missionaries
  • Prayers for my ministry outside the home
  • Prayers for my blog

Everything that I need for my times of prayer is right there.  I’m currently working on a prayer calendar to put in this section as well to help ensure that I’m regularly praying for each of these areas.  I’ll try to post about that when it’s completed.

Prayer page

The third divider is my Studies section.  

In it, I put any notes having to do with:

  • Sermons
  • Sunday Schools
  • Book studies
  • Bible studies

It’s helpful to have all my notes in one place.

The last divider is my Priorities & Goals section. 

I keep a list of my priorities along with specific goals for each one.  This includes both short term and long term goals.  Here is how this section is organized:

  • My weekly Goals sheet – I created this sheet to fit in my notebook.  Each of my life priorities has a section where I can write out my goals for the week.  For instance, for the Abiding section, I would put something like, “Memorize Psalm 1 this week” or “Finish devotional.”  I do this for each priority.  It’s amazing how I can look back and see how the Lord is changing me and accomplishing things in my life – having written goals makes all the difference!  I also included my daily morning routine with places for me to check off when they are accomplished each day.  At the bottom of the page is a space to write my memory verse for the week.  This little sheet has become so helpful!  



  • Personal Priority Sheets – I write the priority at the top of the sheet (i.e. Health, Family, Home etc.), and I write longer term goals for each area.  
  • Life Priorities & Goals – I put these sheets in page protectors.  On these sheets I essentially write out what I want to accomplish with my life.  This is the space where I dream big, pray big, then write out what I want to do with my life under each priority.  I have tweaked it a time or two from when I first wrote it 8 years ago, but the foundation has essentially stayed the same.  I review it often, and this sheet determines what goes on the Weekly Goals sheets.  I’m basically starting with the end in mind and working backwards.  It’s amazing how this frees up my schedule and allows me to say ‘no’ to the things that are not a priority in my life.  Thinking, praying, then writing out my Life Priorities & Goals has been life changing.   

Life Goals


  • Scripture Memory Cards – I write out Scriptures on decorative 3×5 cards and then place them in page protectors made specifically for index cards.  This is a great way to review the verses I’m currently trying to memorize.  

Scripture cardsI hope this revised example of my Prayer notebook has given you some more ideas of how you can set up your own notebook.  The possibilities are endless, and there is no right or wrong way to set it up.  As you seek the Lord and spend time in His Word, you’ll discover what works best for you and how to set up your notebook.  And I’m sure you’ll find, as I have, that it becomes an invaluable tool in your times with the Lord.

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