My Two Favorite Kitchen Appliances


Smoothies are all the rage right now, particularly green smoothies.  And with good reason – they are chock full of nutrition, and they are delicious too!   Blending fruits and vegetables breaks down their cell walls, releasing all the vital nutrients inside.  We can only partially do this when we chew our food.  Think of a smoothie as a meal  that has the hard part of chewing already done for you.  It’s ready to get all those vitamins and minerals directly into your cells, because it’s easily and quickly digested.

If you only make one small change in your eating habits, let it be the addition of a daily green smoothie.  I will be posting some yummy recipes soon, but before I do, I wanted to let you know about two must-have products for amazing smoothies.

The first is the Vitamix.  I love my Vitamix!  I can’t say enough good things about this blender.  In my opinion, it’s the best blender on the market.  It has a 2-peak HP motor with a 7 year warranty.  It can pulverize just about any ingredient, creating the smoothest smoothies.  You can also make ice-cream (with frozen fruits), nut butters, soups, fresh juices, and you can grind your own flours.  They are a bit pricey, with standard models starting at $450.  But it is worth every penny, especially considering all that it can do!  I highly recommend this investment in your health.  You can learn more here.


The second blender is the Nutribullet.  This is a personal size blender and very convenient for making smoothies quickly when you don’t have a lot of time to clean up.  It’s also very compact, making it ideal for traveling.  The Nutribullet comes with 3 cups (1 large and 2 small).  While it can’t blend things as powerfully and smoothly as the Vitamix, it still does an amazing job creating delicious smoothies for such a small blender.  It carries a much smaller price tag as well, at about $100.  If you’re new to green smoothies and aren’t ready to make the investment in a Vitamix yet, I highly recommend starting with the Nutribullet.  Learn more here.IMG_6102

Stay tuned for some delicious, simple green smoothie recipes!  They will get your day started off right, or provide an energizing snack in the middle of your day.





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