Non-Toxic Cleaning: Diffusing Essential Oils

Non-Toxic Cleaning: Diffusing Essential Oils

I hope you’ve been enjoying our Non-Toxic Cleaning Series and getting some good ideas about how to create a healthier home environment for you and your family.

Today I want to touch on something that many people use and have in their homes – air fresheners, plug-ins, and candles.  We all want our homes to smell good, but what exactly are we releasing into the air when we use these products?  

Check out what the Environmental Working Group has reported on these products:

“Ingredients commonly used in fragrances in air fresheners include phthalates, which make fragrances last longer and are linked to male reproductive system birth defects and hormone disruption, and synthetic musks, which are linked to allergies and hormone disruption. Last year, a University of Washington study found that eight unnamed, widely used U.S. air fresheners released an average of 18 chemicals into the air. On average, one in five of these chemicals were hazardous substances highlighted in federal and some state pollution standards. Fully half the air fresheners tested released acetaldehyde, a likely human carcinogen according to the EPA.”

Candles and plug-ins aren’t much better!  Not only can these two be fire hazards, but they also release chemicals and toxic synthetic fragrances into the air (unless the candle is labeled as 100% cotton wick and soy wax).  These products are also just masking odors rather than cleansing the air.

I was so excited to discover the wonderful benefits of diffusing essential oils instead!  When using CPTG oils, they are safe, non-toxic, and actually cleansing to the air.

Just a few drops of oil is all that is needed to disperse the molecules into the air and experience the cleansing and mood boosting properties. Diffusing them is not the only way to enjoy their aromatic benefits.  

Check out these other ways to make your home smell amazing:


One of my favorite parts about diffusing is coming up with different oil combinations and recipes.  The possibilities are endless!  Here are just a few recipe combinations that will cleanse the air of your home and boost your immune system and mood – all without the toxins!

diffuser blends
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Having a clean, fresh smelling home doesn’t have to be toxic to you and your family.  It can smell fabulous and be healthy at the same time.  Just another way that essential oils can transform your health, your home, and your happiness!

The kit that started it all for me is the Home Essentials Kit.  It comes with the adorable petal diffuser and our top 10 oils (shown in the ebook above).  This is the perfect kit to help you and your family start living a healthy, non-toxic life.  

When you get started with this kit, you also get these incredible Freebies:

I’m here to help you get started on your journey toward living a more natural and healthy lifestyle.  I’m so excited to help you get started!



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