My Current Evening Skincare Routine

My Current Evening Skincare Routine

I love my Beautycounter products! Since I started using Beautycounter, my skin has never looked better!

If you want to achieve beautiful, glowing skin, it’s important to establish a skincare routine. By creating this habit and sticking with it, you will achieve this goal!

One thing I always make sure to do every night before bed is to give my skin a little TLC. After a long day of makeup wearing, oil, dirt, and pollution from the environment, I make sure to never go to bed without going through my evening skincare routine.

Having a routine goes a long way in protecting the health of our skin. We only get one face, so we need to take care of it 😉

Here’s a peek into my evening skincare routine:

Double Cleanse

I’ve been double cleansing for years, and this habit has been a game-changer for my skin! It really helps to dissolve dirt, oil, makeup, and grime, far better than just cleansing once can. I go back and forth between our Lotus Glow Cleansing Balm and our Countertime Lipid Defense Cleansing Oil for the first step. Both of these are oil-based, so they are perfect for dissolving oil, dirt, and makeup (like dissolves like)!

I keep my cleansers on this beautiful tray next to the sink in my bathroom. Not only do they look beautiful,
but they are within easy reach for my skincare routines!

For the second step, I like to use either our Countermatch Refresh Foaming Cleanser or Dr. Bronners Baby Mild Soap. Both of these are gentle yet effective at removing any remaining dirt, oil or makeup.

Now my skin is thoroughly clean and ready for the other treatments!

Essence or Toner

Toners and Essences are great for restoring PH levels to the skin, removing any remaining impurities your cleanser may have missed, and infusing skin with vital nutrients to the moisture barrier. They help boost hydration and radiance.

I absolutely love our Countertime Mineral Boost Hydrating Essence, which has a beautiful, lightweight, milky texture. Formulated with our plant-derived Retinatural Complex (safer, nontoxic alternative to retinol), mineral-rich sea water, and a fermented blend of sugars, it is a luxurious treat for the skin! This is what I use most nights, and it can be easily applied with the fingertips.

I also like our Countermatch Hydra-Gel Radiance Toner, which has a unique gel texture and is like a drink of water for your skin with natural hyaluronic acids. Perfect for those days where my skin needs an extra dose of moisture! I apply this with a cotton round and gently press into the the skin of my face. I also apply it to the skin on my neck using upward strokes (don’t forget your neck when applying all of these products!).


Next up, I like to use a serum after toning. Serums act as a special treatment for your skin. Some help brighten and tone, while others hydrate and soothe. My favorite serum is Beautycounter’s Countertime Tripeptide Radiance Serum! It’s formulated with a powerful blend of peptides, amino acids, and our plant-derived Retinatural Complex, so it helps enhance the skin’s moisture barrier function to optimize hydration for a radiant complexion. My skin is smoother, brighter, more even toned, and my forehead lines and wrinkles have really diminished!

I also like using our Countermatch Intense Moisture Serum on nights where my skin needs some extra moisture. It has two forms of hyaluronic acid and delivers a boost of lasting hydration and antioxidant protection.


About 2-3 times a week, I like to use our Overnight Resurfacing Peel. With glycolic, malic, and botanically derived lactic acid, the formula clears away dull surface cells, while arginine and essential fatty acids help soothe to reveal a brighter, healthier looking, renewed complexion. It tingles a bit when first applied, but it works wonders to smooth skin and give you a healthy glow✨ We like to call it Botox-in-a-Bottle!

Moisturizer & Eye Cream

Finally, I like to apply a thick moisturizer to seal in all the other products and hydrate my skin while I sleep. I love rotating between several different products. The Cleansing Balm makes a fantastic overnight mask/moisturizer (it truly is a multi-tasking product!). Most nights I use what is my absolute favorite moisturizer – our Countertime Tetrapeptide Supreme Cream! This cream is so luxurious (yet not greasy) and has helped so much with fine lines, wrinkles, clarity, and dullness. It is worth every penny!! I pair this with our Countertime Ultra Renewal Eye Cream, and I feel like I’ve been to the spa every night before bed!

I also enjoy using our Countermatch Adaptive Moisture Lotion or Countermatch Recovery Sleeping Cream. Both of these provide a surge of moisture through hyaluronic acid that adapts to what your skin actually needs (the technology really is quite amazing).

Our Countertime Tetrapeptide Supreme Cream is one of my “Holy Grail” products! It’s my absolute favorite moistuizer!
Moisturizing every night before bed is one of the keys to beautiful, glowing skin!

Having a skincare routine has done wonders for my skin! I actually look forward to this routine each night.

Do you have a skincare routine? Need help starting one or figuring out what your skin type is? Take our Skin Care Quiz to learn which regimen/products might be right for you!

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I actually look forward to my skincare routine each night! It’s like a luxurious spa experience!
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