Healthy Target Finds

Who doesn’t love Target?? It’s one of the easiest places for me to get lost perusing the aisles and always finding something I “need” 😉

And it’s also a great place to stock up on healthy grocery items that are often cheaper than other grocery store chains. Today I want to show you some of our favorite healthy Target finds. These are items you should be able to find at any regular Target (if you’re blessed enough to live near a Super Target, you can find even more healthy items!).

You’ll notice the ‘Simply Balanced’ brand quite a bit as that is Target’s natural/organic brand. Just look for that turquoise colored packaging throughout the store to find other natural and organic products!

For info on each product, just read the description under each photo:

Health Foods

This is my favorite Collagen powder! I like to add a scoop to my morning coffee!
Amazing Grass is a great company, and their powdered greens are high quality.
I love these Organic Fit bars from Garden of Life! They are high in fiber and protein and have only 1g of sugar! For a list of my favorite clean protein bars, click here!
These Munk Pack cookies are super yummy and high in fiber and protein.

Refrigerated Foods

AppleGate offers high quality organic meats, and this oven roasted turkey breast is delish! Find it in the refrigerated section.
This Simply Balanced Organic butter is a great deal!
You can also find organic eggs in the refrigerated section!
These almond milks from Califia are delish and a great deal!

Frozen Foods

Target is a great place to get wild caught Alaskan salmon filets!
They have a great selection of frozen organic vegetables! This is a great place to stock up on these!
They also have frozen organic fruits. Great for smoothies, yogurt, oatmeal and any favorite recipe.

Pantry Items

You can find great deals on organic nut butters!
This is a good deal on a 12 oz. jar of almond butter!
Simply Balanced organic broths are great to have on hand in your pantry!
You can find organic rice, quinoa and other grains too.
Organic canned beans are another healthy pantry staple!
I use distilled white vinegar for all kinds of cleaning recipes in my house. Target carries the gallon size at a great price! For my FREE Cleaning Ebook, click here!
Chia seeds add a nutritional boost to all kinds of recipes. I like to add them to smoothies!
Target is a great place to stock up on gluten free flours, including coconut and almond flour!
Every healthy pantry needs coconut oil, and Simply Balanced offers a great organic coconut oil!
They have a nice variety of clean, gluten-free granolas.
I love these Purely Elizabeth oatmeal cups. They taste delicious and are packed with fiber and superfoods!
These Simply Balanced Fruit & Veggie pouches are great for toddlers and kids! They are full of organic fruits and vegetables in a tasty pouch kids will love!
I love Zico coconut water! There’s no added sugar, and they are great for throwing in smoothies.
If you’re trying to kick the soda habit, you’ll love these stevia-sweetened colas from Virgil’s! No sugar or artificial sweeteners!
Zevia is another tasty cola brand that uses stevia to sweeten their fizzy drinks. Comes in a variety of flavors.

Personal Care Products

Target offers clean feminine care products you can feel good about using. They’re chemical free and much better option than traditional pads. (Not pictured: They also offer organic cotton tampons)
Target has a great natural body care section that includes toxin-free products. Schmidts is a great natural deodorant brand that is aluminum-free and works well!
We love Dr. Bronner’s Baby Mild liquid soap in our house and use it for everything! I like that I can buy the big bottles at a decent price.
I love Pacifica brand cosmetics, and their Stellar Gaze mascara is my favorite mascara!

What healthy items do you like to buy at Target? I’d love to hear!

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