‘Devotions for a Healthier You’ Review

Devotions for a Healthier YouEvery once in a while, you meet a contagious Christian who radiates the love of Christ.  After spending time with such a person, you want to know and love Jesus more.  Although I’ve never actually met Katie Farrell, this is the impression I got after spending time on her delightful blog, Dashing Dish, and reading her new devotional, Devotions for a Healthier You.

I love both Katie’s blog and book, because they not only offer healthy eating tips and recipes, but they also offer the solution to our struggles with food: God and His Word.  Katie transparently talks about her past struggles with food, body image, and identity, and she reveals how ultimately turning to God and His Word transformed her from the inside out.

I highly recommend Devotions for a Healthier You, whether you feel like you struggle with food or not.  It’s full of Christ-centered devotionals, delicious recipes, and stunning photography, making it an ideal gift (you’ll want one for yourself too 😉 ).

And if you haven’t already, check out her fabulous blog, Dashing Dish, which is also full of encouraging devotionals, delicious and healthy recipes, and helpful videos.  I hope that one day I can meet this dear sister in the Lord and kindred spirit in person!

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