Cinnamon Bun Diffuser Blend

cinnamon bun diffuser

One of my favorite things about essential oils is diffusing them.  They make your house smell absolutely delicious!  But they do so much more than that.  

Long before my journey into holistic health, I used to use scented “plug-ins” and candles hoping to make my house smell good. Little did I know how toxic those products actually were (check out his helpful article that shows how toxic most candles are and this article for the problem with other air fresheners).

So, what’s a girl who wants her home to smell good to do?!

Essential oils to the rescue!

And here’s the thing…essential oils do so much more than just make your house smell good.  They actually:

  • Purify the air
  • Support your immune system
  • Boost your mood
  • Energize or Calm (depending on the oil)

So, not only are they NOT toxic, they’re actually good for you!  I just love that 🙂

And the Cinnamon Bun Blend is perfect for diffusing during the cooler fall months.  Your house will smell like a healthy Cinnabon!  Simply place the specified number of drops into a diffuser and diffuse away.  Check out what each of these fall-friendly oils are good for:

  • Cassia (2 Drops)- This is a close relative to cinnamon and has a warm, uplifting aroma that promotes healthy immune function – perfect for fall! 🍁
  • Ginger (4 Drops)- The warm, spicy aroma of Ginger is perfect for fall and is also great for feelings of indigestion or nausea.
  • Cinnamon (3 Drops)- Warm and spicy with notes of sweetness, cinnamon is an oil that can benefit the whole body, including the immune system, especially when seasonal threats are high – like in the fall!🍁

When using essential oils that are Certified, Pure, Therapeutic-Grade (CPTG), you can take them internally.  Try adding a drop of these to a cup of organic chai tea and steamed almond milk for a delicious, healthy fall latte.

Ready to ditch the toxic candles and scented plugins and upgrade your health and home with essential oils?  Your home can smell fabulous and you can improve your health at the same time!

If you’re already using a diffuser, what are your favorite oils to diffuse?  I’d love to hear about them!  And make sure to follow me on Instagram where I have more posts on living the healthy, happy life.

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