Readings, Reflections & Recommendations for Holy Week

As we reflect on the glory of the Gospel through our Savior’s life, death, and resurrection this week, I wanted to share some helpful articles, downloads, podcasts, Scripture readings, and books that are wonderful resources.  These are rich in Scripture and provide valuable insights as you prepare your heart for this Easter season.  I hope they will be a tremendous blessing to you and your family!  

Reflecting on the Cross

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This is a rich compilation of Scriptures set to music that reflect on the events of Good Friday.  This is a wonderful way to meditate on God’s Word and take time to reflect on the sacrifice of our Lord Jesus Christ.  Great for the whole family!

Broken and Redeemed

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This Free Easter Bible study takes you through key Scriptures and shows how the story of redemption is for broken people like you and me.  Simply scroll to the bottom and click on study to download in your language!

Passion Week Scripture Reading List

This article has a list of scriptures to read each day of Holy Week with a downloadable printable to keep in your Bible.  Great for personal devotions or reading together as a family!

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The Easter Story (Max McLean)

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This dramatic reading of the Easter Story by Max McLean is a great way for the whole family to listen to and reflect upon the glorious story of Christ’s resurrection!

Christ’s Resurrection and Our Newness of Life

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This sermon by Charles H. Spurgeon on Romans 6:4 is so rich and well-worth the read!  Though a little more challenging to read than modern day articles, I promise you will be blessed as you chew on and digest this incredible sermon that shows the victorious life we can live because of Christ’s resurrection power in us!

Prepare for Easter Scripture Calendar 

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This beautiful and free downloadable printable provides reading for the entire Lenten season!

Recommended Books

The Liturgical Home by Ashley Tumlin Wallace

This books provides a wonderful introduction to celebrating Easter as a family and includes devotions and an explanation of the season, as well as recipes to make the Easter season special.

To Seek and To Save by Sinclair Ferguson

This book provides daily reflections on the road to the cross from the Gospel of Luke.  Includes questions for reflection and space to journal.  This would be a great devotional for both personal and/or family use!

The Promise of Lent Devotional by Chris Tiegreen

This 40-day devotional guides readers on a journey of reflection, prayerful contemplation, and joyous celebration during the Lenten season and through Easter. 

May each of you have a blessed Holy Week as you contemplate the life, death, and resurrection of our beloved Savior!

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