Favorite Non-Toxic Beauty Products: Hair Care

Favorite Non-Toxic Beauty Products: Hair Care


The Bible says that a woman’s hair is her crowning glory.  So, it’s no wonder we women spend so much time getting our hair to look good! The hair care industry is a multi-billion dollar industry.  From shampoos and conditioners to high-lights and conditioning treatments, we can spend quite a bit of time and money trying to smooth, straighten, curl, and condition our locks.

There are a plethora of hair products out there, many of which contain toxic ingredients which can actually strip our hair of moisture and cause dryness, frizz, and split ends (not to mention more serious health concerns).  You can read about which chemicals are most commonly used and should be avoided here.

Thankfully, there are a number of companies that offer safe, all-natural products that are highly effective.  There are too many to review all of them, so I’ll just mention some of my favorite products and companies:

Desert EssenceDesert Essence – This is a great, inexpensive line that offers very effective shampoos and conditioners.  They also smell amazing! They use potent plant oils to cleanse and moisturize hair.  I love the Coconut shampoo for dry hair.  It helps to lock in moisture for dry, brittle hair, and it smells like you’re on a tropical island!  They have other great products in this line depending on your hair needs.

Acure ShampoosAs I mentioned in my Skin Treatments post, Acure is a wonderful brand that has a very Acureeffective line of shampoos, conditioners, and hair oils.  I like the Moroccan Argan oil shampoo for dry hair (yes, I have dry hair!).  It is full of botanical extracts and plant oils that nourish and protect your scalp and strands.  They also have great volumizing and clarifying shampoos.

Andalou HairAndalou Naturals – I love this company!  They are serious about the quality of their ingredients, using only certified organic, non-toxic ingredients.  I love their Moisture Rich shampoo, which contains argan oil and sweet orange oil, making it smell like an orange dreamsicle.  And it does wonders for my hair!  Another favorite is their Moisture Rich Leave-in Conditioner.  This is great when my hair needs an extra dose of moisture and it makes it much easier to comb through tangles.  They also have an award winning, Age-Defying shampoo and conditioner, which is for those who struggle with thinning hair or hair loss.  I highly recommend their products!

Organic, Unrefined Coconut oil – The benefits of coconut oil are truly amazing, and thatCoconut Oil includes providing silky moisture to your hair (it also makes a great body moisturizer and make-up remover!).  Just rub a little bit in the palms of your hand (it will liquify) and rub on the ends of longer hair for shine and moisture.  It can’t get any easier and healthier than that!  To learn about all the other amazing uses for coconut oil, check out Dr. Axe’s 77 Coconut Oil Uses and Cures.

Although not quite as clean as the products mentioned above, Giovanni Cosmetics and Burts Bees are two other companies that provide all natural products that are safe and effective for hair.  They are easy to find in large chain grocery stores, drug stores, and places like Target.  Just choose the best product for your particular hair type.

While I try to be careful about the everyday products I use on my hair, I will admit that I still get my hair highlighted several times a year (hey, a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do 🙂 ).  But I don’t worry too much about this, because the salon I go to uses botanical based color, with lower amounts of ammonia; the product is not applied to my scalp; and I typically only get it done 3 – 4 times a year.  Okay, confession time is over!

Thankfully we can nourish our hair with non-toxic, all-natural products that will safely and effectively keep our “crowning glory” looking its best.

In our next post, we’ll finish up our Non-Toxic Beauty Product Series with recommendations for the best all-natural make-up companies and products.

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