Easy Ordering


There are 2 easy ways to purchase any of doTERRA’s products:

1. Retail

Go to mydōTERRA.com/thehealthyhappywoman and click on the ‘Shop’ tab.  Add any products you want to your cart and checkout.  The cost of all products will be the full retail price.

home essentials

2. Wholesale

To purchase products at the 25% off wholesale price for an entire year (like a Costco Membership) go to mydoterra.com/thehealthyhappywoman :
  • Click ‘Become a Member’ 
  • Choose your language and then choose ‘Wholesale Customer’ 
  • Then add your desired enrollment kit (which waives the $35 wholesale membership fee).  For a list of enrollment kits, click here.
  • OR
  • If you do NOT want a kit, you can simply add the ‘$35 Enrollment Kit’ to your cart (that’s your Wholesale Membership), and then add any item you want to your cart for the wholesale price.  Now you’re ready to save 25% off ALL dōTERRA products for an entire year!!
Easy-peasy!  And for an entire year, you can order anything you want anytime you want at the wholesale price!  And don’t worry – you are never obligated to sell anything or purchase a minimum monthly order!
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